How To Make Your Lipstick Last


StyleCaster shares with us how to get lip color to stay put all day long with these tips from makeup pro Raedawn Johnson.

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Dear Beauty Banter,
I love bright lipstick colors, but they’re very hard to maintain all day long. How can I prevent my lipstick from feathering throughout the day?

Tammy in Florida

Dear Tammy,
I’m so glad that you are thinking outside the box of a neutral lip shade and rocking fun bold colors for the summer! The best way to have long lasting lip color is to first start with a lip pencil. The lip pencil should be close to the color of the lipstick that you will apply. First, line the entire lip with the pencil and then take the side of the pencil and shade in your entire lip. Next, apply lipstick before layering on a coat of gloss. Now throughout the day when the gloss fades, you will still have a nice color on your lips. Another option is to purchase a lip sealer and apply it after lipstick to help keep lip color on for hours.

During the summer months, another great option for long wear color and a little less fuss is a bold color lip stain. They stain your lips for hours and come in an array of colors. Some products to try are Make Up For Ever lip pencils, Illamasqua lip colors and Mehron lip palettes.

Another important tip is to refrain from continually blotting or licking your lips. Once you’ve applied your color, leave your lips be. They are your work of art!

Raedawn Johnson

Raedawn Johnson got a portion of her training while working alongside eyebrow guru Ramy Gafni for two years. During her time with Ramy, she also worked at the acclaimed Rita Hazan salon, known for its high-profile celebrity clientele. Now freelance, Raedawn’s work has been featured in magazines such as Japanese Vogue, Life & Style and on TV commercials for MTV, Nivea and Rockband.

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Contributed by: Raedawn Johnson

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