How To Get A Bold Fuchsia Lip In 4 Easy Steps


Makeup artist Ryan B. Anthony shows our friends at StyleCaster how to add a pop of color to our lips.

Braving a bold lip color takes guts; and since we’re not ready to jump in and go for full on Peter Som purple murple lips just yet (and not sure we ever will be) we’re settling (well, hardly) on a bright fuchsia color for summer nights.

In an effort to attempt a flawless lip with no drying out or sloppy lines, we called freelance makeup artist Ryan B. Anthony to show us what steps to take. Follow his beauty tips below and give some bold lip!

Step 1:
StyleCaster_Fuchsia_Lip_Step1.jpg (Blog Entry)

Start with a moisturizing lip balm such as Rosebud Salve to make sure the lips are really hydrated.

Step 2:
StyleCaster_Fuchsia_Lip_Step2.jpg (Blog Entry)

Then apply a lip liner that is close to your lip color or a shade darker to give the hue some depth.

Step 3
StyleCaster_Fuchsia_Lip_Step3.jpg (Blog Entry)

Apply the fuschia lipstick from the inside out to get good coverage — do one coat, then blot and do another coat.

Step 4
StyleCaster_Fuchsia_Lip_Step4.jpg (Blog Entry)

If you want to enhance or diffuse the color, you can top it off with a gloss. To diffuse the color just simply use a clear gloss instead of a pink.

And the finished look…!
StyleCaster_Fuchsia_Lip.jpg (Blog Entry)

All images taken by Joey D’Arco for StyleCaster

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Contributed by: Rachel Adler

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