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Headed for a night out and looking to mix up your hairstyle? Our friends at StyleCaster chatted with pro hairstylist Michael Angelo, to show step-by-step how you can jazz up your hair for a night on the town, just like Maria Menounos.

Event hopping is something that celebrities have made look almost effortless. Their hairstyles are amazingly flawless, and it always seems to last the entire evening. When it comes time for us “regular folk” to head out for a fancy event or just an extra dressed up night with friends, getting your hair to do exactly what you want isn’t the easiest of tasks.

Luckily, Michael Angelo, hairstylist and owner of Wonderland Beauty Parlor, showed our friends at StyleCaster how to do an easy glamorous ponytail and they caught it all on video. Follow his tips in the video (and our broken down steps below) to look professionally styled on your next date.

Hold your cursor over the image above to see these steps in action!

Step 1: Prep the hair with a moisturizing cream.

Step 2: Section off a piece of hair ending right before the crown of the head.

Step 3: Take another section at the nape of the neck.

Step 4: Brush the middle section into a high ponytail.

Step 5: Secure ponytail with an elastic band.

Step 6: Wrap section at nape of neck around the ponytail.

Step 7: Tease the base of the front section for volume.

Step 8: Wrap the front section around the ponytail.

Step 9: Secure with pins.

Step 10: Use a small hairbrush to smooth fly-aways.

Step 11: Finish off with Shu Uemura Essence Absolue to smooth out the ponytail.

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