New Study: Wrappers on Candy May Help You Lose Weight

Shannon Farrell
Chocolate Candy

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According to a new study, people are more likely to eat more of an unwrapped candy—like M&M’s—than those that come in wrapped packages like Hersey Kisses. Yes, folks, any additional effort (even taking off a wrapper) apparently makes us less likely to gorge ourselves.

The study, which will appear in the December issue of Appetite, involved 60 women from Switzerland who were divided into three groups. Each group was allowed to eat from a bowl of 20 candies for five minutes. One group ate unwrapped candies while the other two ate wrapped candy. Of the wrapped candy test groups, one was instructed to place the wrappers in a nearby bowl and the other in a bin farther away. The participants in the unwrapped-candy group ate on average 5.5 pieces of candy while both wrapped-candy groups ate on average 3.6 candies. (Whether they threw the wrappers away in the bin or the nearby bowl apparently made no difference.)

Bottom line: To avoid overeating, wrap your food up and refrain from leaving unwrapped goodies — even a bowl of trail mix — on your counter or dining table. If it’s easy to grab, you’re more likely to over consume, and keeping yourself from eating too much may, in fact, help you lose weight!

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