10 Stiletto Nails You’ll Want to Try

Alexandra Duron
10 Stiletto Nails You’ll Want to Try
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If there’s one manicure trend that screams, “I’m bold and daring,” it’s definitely long, pointed stiletto nails. With chart-topping singers like Rihanna, Fergie and Beyonce showing off longer lengths, it’s no wonder that dagger-like nails—their level of pointedness depending on your preference— have been here to stay.

Whether you love ‘em or hate ‘em, there’s no denying that they make a statement—especially if you factor in some nail art and accessories. With that in mind, we turned to Pinterest to find 10 crazy-cool stiletto manicures. Check them out above and tell us: Would you try this nail trend?

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Deep plum polish gets a little more interesting with a matte topcoat. Plus, the extra thin stripe of high-shine polish will give your nails a subtle something special. 

Image via Maria Colon R

We love the surprising splash of red underneath these stiletto nails. Plus, now you can match your nails to your favorite classic black Louboutin heels. 

Image via Natalie Buhrman

Brightly-colored abstract art looks pretty awesome on longer, pointier nails. 

Image via Beautopia Nails

When it comes to your nails, sometimes, more is better. Try five separate (but complementary) nail art patterns for a manicure you definitely won't get tired of!

Image via Jingeng

Gold foil tips are a fun, glitzy way to accessorize a fire-engine red manicure. 

Image via Maria Colon R

White polish, half moons, and a double stripe of gold studs on an accent nail make this manicure anything but boring. 

Image via Stilettobott.tumblr.com

Think of this as the French manicure's rebellious little sister. Black and gold tips are equal parts glam, equal parts rock 'n' roll. 

Image via ooh_lalaa_livia

Top clear polish with a single chevron stripe of bright red and shiny gold polish for an eye-catching (but relatively doable) nail look. 

Image via Peyton Weston

Double the accent nails, double the fun! We also love how the turquoise tips on the other three nails tie into the floral design. 

Image via The Gloss Magazine

For an edgy, moto-inspired look, top black matte polish with silver studs. 

Image via Wah Nails

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