Start Moisturizing While You’re Still In The Shower For Softer Skin

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For all they say about human bodies being 80% water, it sure is weird how sometimes your skin feels parched even when you’re religiously moisturizing. Lots of lifestyle issues can be the cause of dry skin, but here’s something that you should be doing if you want to keep that water percentage up. Did you know that when you hop out of the shower and dry yourself off, once the water’s off your skin, so is the moisture? You have about a 30 second window of time after drying off to slather on some hydrating goop before all the moisture that’s already on your skin evaporates. Body moisturizers work more so by sealing IN moisture, not so much imparting it (though it certainly feels that way). By applying a body oil, lotion or hybrid of the two in the shower before you towel off, you can seal in all that moisture while simultaneously taking your morning (or evening) hygiene routine in the express lane. Here’s 10 perfect body moisturizers you can use before stepping out of the shower:

Aveda Beautifying Composition



This body oil is multi-purpose, promising dryness relief for body and scalp in a blend of organic soybean, olive and safflower oils. Scented with lavender, rosemary and bergamot, this fresh smelling moisturizing oil combines the best parts of nature into your primping routine.

(Aveda Beautifying Composition Moisturizing Body Oil, $30 at


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Aveeno Creamy Moisturzing Oil


Aveeno is a godsend for the eczema-plagued, since its main ingredient (natural colloidal oatmeal) is naturally soothing for irritated skin. This Creamy Moisturizing Oil is a nurturing hybrid– a soupy potion, if you will, that has the skin-softening power of a lotion and the light dewy texture of an oil. Bonus is that it’s available at most any drugstore and one bottle is likely to last you all season.

(Aveeno Creamy Moisturizing Oil, $8.49 at





Monoi Tiki Tahiti Tiare


This is one of those items that’s been around for decades and generally gets passed around word of mouth. Well from our mouths to your ears, monoi oil has been used forever as a body and hair moisturizer by the natives of Tahiti. The flower in each bottle scents the oil with the Polynesian Tiare flower and smells HEAVENLY (Gardenia fans will love this). The oil itself is blended with coconut oil and will solidify at cooler temps, but if you keep a bottle in your shower the heat and humidity will liquify this just in time for you to slather on before getting out.

(Monoi Tiki Tahiti Oil, $11.50 at

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NARS Body Glow


Nars’ Monoi Body Glow has been one of their cult items for several years as the moisturizer that gives supermodels’ skin that glow (mostly evidenced in the flashes of paparazzi cameras). As the top-shelf ticket of monoi oil, it is divinely scented with a tiare flower and sinks into the skin beautifully.

(Nars Monoi Body Glow, $59 at


Neutrogena Body Oil


This drugstore staple has its own following amongst everyone from your college roommate to Cindy Crawford. It has a light formula that applies smoothly, wicking the damp feeling away from your skin for a soft and silky touch, as well as moisturizing thoroughly. There’s a fragrance-free version as well, but the light sesame original is such a soothing scent.

(Neutrogena Body Oil, $7.99 at



This is a new release for Nivea, combining their classic formula with a water-friendly element that allows you to apply this after washing, rinse off, and go. There’s a normal to dry version AND a very dry option because Nivea knows us too well.

(Nivea In-Shower Body Lotion, $5.99 at




OGX Creamy Body Lotion


OGX is known for synthesizing natural ingredients into effective hair and body care formulas, this time harnessing coconut milk into a body moisturizer that feels like a silky lotion and wears like an oil. Plus, the scent is so reminiscent of summer (sans icky sunscreen feeling).

(OGX Nourishing Coconut Milk Hibiscus Lotion, $7.99 at Walgreens)


Olay Quench In-Shower Body Lotion


Olay has been the matronly master of affordable skincare, and their shower collections are no different. This in-shower body lotion truly does “quench” you skin– don’t let the serene logo lady fool you, this stuff does not mess around when it comes to hydrating your skin.

(Olay Quench In-Shower Body Lotion, $5.99 at





Shea Moisture can do no wrong, delivering hair and body products that WORK, no matter what their specialty. Best part is that they use top-notch ingredients and it’s still totally affordable– like this argan oil and raw shea body oil, two ingredients that are known superstars in the moisturizing department. The warm musky scent is just icing on the cake.

(Shea Moisure Argan Oil & Raw Shea Bath, Body & Massage Oil, $9.99 at




Spectrum Coconut oil


Good old coconut oil is an amazing thing to have around your house, whether you’re cooking delicious vegan treats or giving your hair a deep conditioning mask. The stuff is heaven on your skin, easy to apply this time of year when it’s mostly in its solidified state– just scoop a bit out, warm it up in your hands and apply it like a super-moisturizing balm all over your body. It’ll seal in moisture pretty much until you wash it off again, it’s THAT good.

(Spectrum Coconut Oil, $9.99 at Walgreens)


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