How You Can Burn 30,000 Calories a Year By Standing

Shannon Farrell
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A recent study found that standing for an extra three hours every day is equivalent to burning 30,000 calories a year — the same amount you would burn running 10 marathons.

A typical day includes a lot of sitting — sit down to breakfast, sit in the car to work, sit at the desk in the office, sit in the car on the way home, sit at the table for dinner, sit on the couch and watch TV, and then head off to bed. Most people sit for 19 hours a day, on average. Research shows that sitting this much increases our risk of diabetes (it’s harder to bring our glucose levels back to normal), heart disease (fat is more likely to be stored in the blood), and makes it much easier to gain weight.

The BBC and University of Chester conducted a study in which participants who normally sat down at a desk all day were required to stand for three hours. All of the volunteers wore accelerometers (which records movement), heart rate monitors, and glucose monitors (which measure blood sugar levels throughout the day).

Results found that on days when the participants stood, their glucose levels fell back to normal much quicker after eating a meal. They also burned an extra 50 calories an hour. That is equivalent to 30,000 calories a year or eight pounds.

Does this mean you should buy a standing desk, or better yet, a treadmill or stationary bike desk? You could, or you could at least be more conscious about getting up to walk around every hour. Taking a few laps around the office and standing a bit more at home could make a bigger difference than you think!

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