The 11 Stages of Getting a Zit, As Told by GIFs

Augusta Falletta
getting a pimple

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If there is one common denominator for every person alive, it’s understanding the struggle that comes with getting a pimple. Even if most days out of the month your skin is gorgeous, a box of French fries combined with a stressful day of work and you’ve got yourself the perfect storm for a zit. Below are the 11 stages of getting a pimple, all of which you likely know all too well. Let’s consider this group therapy, shall we?

If the skin gods happen to smile upon you with one day of perfectly clear, glowing skin

clear skin gif

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You better make the most of it, because you know that tomorrow a giant pimple will most likely ruin your day.

ruined day gif

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You’ll spend the next 17 minutes with your concealer, desperately trying to cover up the blemish, and subsequently making yourself late for work.

concealer gif

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You show up to work (or school, or your friend’s house) with absolutely zero confidence because you’re sure that everyone is staring at the large mass on your face. (Spoiler: No one even notices it but you.)

don't look at me

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After a long, trying day of emotional distress, you go back home and pull out any and all skin care products that may be able to help and proceed to use them all at once.

face mask gif

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You soon realize that not only is this not helping your one lone pimple, but your skin care cocktail is also irritating the rest of your skin. Why? Why did you do this to yourself?

angry face gif

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Of course, one rule of the universe: As soon as your skin looks its worst, that’s when you have a date, or a presentation, or a huge party. Quick! Distract everyone with a good hair flip!

hair flip gif

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You get so distracted trying to distract your date from your pimple — plus, your confidence is not at its high point — that you don’t get a call back. Way to ruin the date, zit.

no thank you gif

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After two or three days, the pimple seems like it’s calmed down, but the healing process is still pretty ugly. All you want to do is moisturize and conceal, but that never works out. Life isn’t fair.

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Finally you get so sick of caring about a pimple that you don’t even put effort into covering it up. You might not look your best, but you’re sick of feeling your worst. Own it, girl. Everyone goes through this.

strutting gif

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After a week of turmoil, your skin finds its balance once again, and you’re back to being able to think about things other than your face. Naturally, this is when your social calendar is completely empty. Irony.

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