Stacy Keibler’s Hot Beauty Tips For Summer

Megan Segura
56228-stacykeibler-sitting-in-chair-lg.jpeg (400x600)Photos: Courtesy of John Frieda

We recently sat down with the beautiful Stacy Keibler to talk all things summer beauty. In person she is charming, gorgeous and really, really tall! Turns out she’s charitable, as well. Stacy and John Frieda Sheer Blonde are teaming up for the Go Blonder For a Brighter Future campaign. For every person who views Stacy’s video on John Frieda’s site, the company will donate $2 to HAIRraising, fundraising initiatives that support the Children’s Hospital Boston.

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When it comes to staying hot, though, there are three rules she likes to follow:

1. Protect Your Hair Color
Stacy keeps her blonde color bright with John Frieda’s Sheer BlondeĀ® Go Blonder Controlled Lightening Spray and lots of hats. “In my travel bag I always have sunscreen and a hat, and I think they’re the must-haves.”

2. Add A Pop Of Color
When going on a hot date with George Clooney, Stacy wears a bold lip. “I think a pop of color on your lip is really sexy, whether you’re using a liner and you do the whole lip or a stain.”

3. Change Up Your Workout Routine
When it comes to staying in great bikini shape, the television personality admits she doesn’t stick to one thing. “I do everything. I go running, I go hiking, I do yoga. I just did Soul Cycle the other day. I do Barry’s Bootcamp. I work out with weights. I think that muscle confusion is great for your body, and it also keeps your mind excited about working out because you’re not in the same pattern all the time.”

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