Try These Spring Makeup Trends For Darker Skin Tones

Try These Spring Makeup Trends For Darker Skin Tones
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Given how many gorgeous darker skinned models we saw on the Spring/Summer ’12 runways, we here at Beauty High have given a lot of thought as to how to play up our natural skin tones, whatever that may be. While we are firm believers that any trend can be adapted to suit any skin color, hair color or eye color with the right products and know-how, there are undoubtedly some looks that particularly suit those blessed with a darker skin tone.

We therefore feel compelled to share with you our favorite looks from the spring runways and the products you will need to achieve them if you have darker skin. From metallic eyes to strong lips and even bleached brows, we’ve rounded up the very best (and in some cases the most daring!) and scoured the stores to find the best way to get the look. So grab your note-taking pen and paper, sit back and click through our slideshow of the hottest trends for darker skin tones!

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