A Twitter-iffic Spring Makeover


My friend Victoria Stiles and I had a great idea–we wanted to do a contest where people could enter to win a makeover with INOA (my latest obsession), Platinum Seamless Hair Extensions, Face Atelier Cosmetics with Victoria doing the makeup application (she is MAJOR BTW) and me doing the color and extensions. The cool part about entering was we wanted to do the entire contest via Twitter! People who follow us on twitter (I’m @JasonHueMan and Victoria is @VictoriaStiles) or saw a re-tweet about the contest could post a picture through one of the Twitter applications so we could choose the winner. If you aren’t familiar with Twitter, this might sound complicated but it really is simple… AND we had a blast!!!

Raelinn Schmidt (@raelinn_wine) turned out to be the lucky lady. I did a single process with INOA to richen her base color and added a few highlights for some springtime magic. Then, I added a full head of Platinum Seamless extensions. Rit Lon–one of the super stars at the Ted Gibson Salon in Washington DC did a spectacular layered cut and finish à la Ted Gibson sexy style and Victoria finished the look off with a Face Atelier Cosmetics make-up look.

Wow! What a transformation!!! Check out the video I made with my Flip camera–what do you think? LMK!

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