Spring Hair How-To: Tousled Side Ponytail


StyleCaster shares with us how Angela from Mizu New York achieves a loose, tousled ponytail for date night!

Spring Hair How-To - Tousled Side Ponytail

Photos: Andrew Katzowitz for StyleCaster Studios

Dressing up for date nights becomes more fun in the springtime – no more layering on sweaters, scarves, hats, and mittens before you head out the door – instead it’s all about cute little dresses and short skirts. With that, we also get in the spirit of experimenting with makeup and hairstyles– adding a bit more flair, if you will. 

Angela Soto, hairstylist from Mizu New York, shows us how to do a simple tousled side ponytail to add to your date night look.

Step 1 (above): 

Start with curling the whole head in very small sections with a 1/4 to 1 inch curling iron for a tight curl. Spray with hairspray as you go to hold the curls. Angela is using Bumble and Bumble Spray De Mode

Step 2: 
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When finished, finger through curls.

Step 3:
89171 1267563544 Spring Hair How To: Tousled Side Ponytail
Make a deep side part with the hair using the end of a comb. 

Step 4: 
89172 1267563545 Spring Hair How To: Tousled Side Ponytail
Direct the hair into a loose, low ponytail behind the ear with your fingers. 

Step 5: 
89173 1267563547 Spring Hair How To: Tousled Side Ponytail
Take hair pins and visually pin curls into place. You can also tie with a small elastic for a firmer hold. 

Step 6:
89174 1267563548 Spring Hair How To: Tousled Side Ponytail
Enjoy the new style– and keep in mind you can dress it up or dress it down!

Contributed by: Rachel Adler

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