Spring Clean Your Bathroom: 5 Beauty Products To Toss & Replace

Amanda Elser
Spring Clean Your Bathroom: 5 Beauty Products To Toss & Replace
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It’s that time of the year! Open up your windows, shake out that long forgotten sundress and — most importantly — clean out your bathroom vanity.

Your makeup bag can often go forgotten in your regular spring cleaning ritual, but switching out your closet shouldn’t be the only purging you do this season. We’ve rounded up 5 beauty products you should be replacing regularly. From bath sponges to mascara tubes, you would be amazed at the amount of bacteria that can build up on everyday products and who wants to willingly put those germs on themselves everyday!?

Check out our slideshow above to see what beauty products your should be replacing this weekend!

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You should already be washing your makeup brushes once a week. But you should probably think of replacing them every few months and Spring cleaning is a perfect excuse!

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As Spring and Summer come along, your skin will hopefully be getting a nice tinted glow and that means you need to swap out your foundation. We recommend tossing your thick winter foundation and opting for a tinted moisturizer with SPF. Light, tinted and provides protection -- say no more!
Clinique Moisture Surge, $26, shop.nordstrom.com

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We all love a good body wash, but those loofah and wash clothes you use everyday are a breeding ground for bacteria. Be sure to replace every 8 weeks or so! Loofah, $2, target.com 

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Nothing ruins a spring day more than runny mascara from your watery-eyes. Invest in a good waterproof mascara and be sure to replace old tubes every three months!
Almay, $16, almay.com

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As sad as it is to part with your favorite nail polish, the truth is clumpy polish spells disaster for your spring mani. You can try to salvage your favorite colors by adding a few drops of clear top coat, but you should probably replace these upon first clump sighting.

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