Spring Beauty Looks Have a Retro Flare

Amanda Elser
Spring Beauty Looks Have a Retro Flare
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Fashion these days is all about the regurgitation of the style from decades past, but we were pleased to see a bit of retro channeled beauty looks on the Spring runway.

From the ’40s “Victory Roll” to the pompadour twists from the ’50s, this season was all about taking inspiration from classic beauty styles and adding a modern twist to give each look a retro flare.

We take you through our favorite retro looks from the spring season and tell you how you can channel your inner Jacqueline Kennedy or Brigitte Bardot in the slide show above!

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For the voluminous faux bob at Fendi, stylist Sam McKnight used Fekkai Thickening Spray and Pantene Classic Hairspray (plus lots of teasing) to create the textured look. 

Paul Hanlon for Aveda told us what was the inspiration behind the updated '40s hair roll at Preen's SS 2012 collection. "They really liked the idea of just keeping it very clean, very sculpted in a way," Hanlon said. The hair, retro with a little Japanese influence, took about three people to sufficiently twist and pull tightly to the head. "There's a very graphic element to it," he said. 

What we really love about Jonathan Saunders spring look is the thick lined eyeliner that you can see from all angles. Lucia Pieroni for MAC wanted to create a "1950s housewife windswept on South Beach" with the winged liner and just a bit of bronzer on her cheek bones and bridge of her nose. 

Guido Palau took sissors to the hair at Marc Jacobs to create these chic angular bangs. He then applied finishing spray for a slick effect and wrapped a sheer scarf around the head for a retro touch. 

The beauty look at Prada by Pat McGrath was flushed cheeks and a faded, pastel pink-stained lip. 

Guido Palau created unraveling curls for the hair style before pinning them down to a slick head with a simple bobby pin. “It’s almost a little bit tacky,” he said to Vogue. “But there’s a refinement to her quirkiness."

For the makeup at Gaultier, Stéphane Marais used MAC Pro Longwear Lipstick in Lasting Lust to create the statement glossy lip with just a little black liner and lash to even out the look. 

As for the hair Guido Palau took inspiration from the '40s. “It’s a little saucy,” he told Vogue

For the hair at Zac Posen, Jimmy Paul for Bumble and Bumble gave the girls a Marcel wave in the front and a messy bun in the back -- a bit of a juxtaposition of styles. To get the look he applied Thickening Hairspray to soak the hair and dried it in for texture. He then curled the entire head with a 3/4 inch curling iron, brushed the curls out, and set the front section with pins to achieve the wave look. 

For the hair at Rochas Eugene Souleiman told Into the Gloss she wanted to give a nod to Mars Attacks!, and to Parisian couture. 

"It’s basically a ponytail that’s teased to death, so that it becomes this kind of frizz, and then you roll that frizz into a ball and that gives you the base of the hairdo."

Just add a sheer scarf for a glamorous finish. 

Dennis Lanni for Bumble and Bumble told us that "back and big is key," to the hair for The Blonds runway look. "Make sure there are no ringlets, as it should be hard and graphic."

The prep is essential to the look, and Lanni used Thickening Spray,  which evaporates once the curling iron is applied to the hair. Wrap the curl around some tissue and pin to keep its form, and then as soon as the models are dressed and ready to go, the heads are flipped over and brushed with a fine bristle brush, preferably boar's hair, and then lots of Bumble and Bumble Classic Hairspray is applied to keep the shape.

Orlando Pita created a teased, textured sixties-esque chignons for the runway look at Diane Von Furstenberg.  “It started out rustic and ended up looking more like Kim Novak, which wasn’t a bad thing,” he told Vogue. “It just worked.”

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