Runway To Real Life: Color-Blocked Eyeshadow

Megan McIntyre

Fashion shows are a hotspot for finding exciting beauty trends and backstage at Spring 2010 Fashion Week we saw tons of funky makeup looks we loved. Over and over again we were told that most of these looks were wearable in real life, so we decided to put that statement to the test. We invited MAC and their makeup artistry team to give Associate Editor Megan McIntyre a runway-inspired makeover to test-run and see if it really worked off the runway. This week: Shimmery, color-blocked eyes, as seen at Diane von Furstenberg.


Runway Photo: © Luca Cannionieri

When MAC Senior Artist Keri Blair pulled out a neon pink blush and orange pigment, I knew I was in trouble. This week’s look was one of the most radical–a vivid trio of tropical hues that engulfed my eyes, meant to look like I was, as Keri explained, “crying color.” Yikes.

Keri used Cream Colour Base in Luna on my eyelid and under my eyes to help the color adhere. Next she mixed Chill and Shroom Eye Shadows on my lid. This was followed by Pigment in Melon, which was applied with a flat brush and “pressed” into my eyelid and onto the crease, extending out just a little bit to follow the structure of my eye. Then Keri took a bright pink blush and swept it underneath my eye, just past my lashes. Finally she took Powder Blush in Peaches and blended it along the upper lashline to add depth.

My first thought when I saw myself in the mirror was that I looked like I had been punched by a sunset. While the gilded orange looked fab, the pink under my eyes was a bit intense.

Once again I expected people on the street to stop and stare and once again, as with my orange lips, not one person did. I decided to go visit my boyfriend down at the bicycle shop where he works. I knew those boys would have PLENTY to say about my off-the-wall look. The bf looked at me and asked concernedly if my allergies were acting up. Then he got closer and exclaimed “Whoa, rock star!” The shadow was a surprise hit with the guys. I thought they were going to rip me to shreds but instead they complimented me on my edgy eye makeup. Go figure.

As I hopped on the subway to head home, I looked around furtively expecting to find people gawking. No one was even remotely interested. Then I noticed that the girl standing next to me was wearing a blue velvet cape and bright pink patent leather boots and I realized my sherbet eyeshadow was probably not the craziest thing my fellow commuters had seen on the subway that day. Verdict: Surprisingly wearable, but I’d recommend opting for a less bold pink underneath. Keri suggests trying Swish or Yogurt eyeshadow to create the same effect but with a little less intensity.

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