Spotted: An African Beauty Treasure Trove

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It’s my last day at Cosmoprof North America, and as sad as I am to leave Sin City and its hypnotic slot machines, I’m excited to get back to NYC and start requesting some of the amazing beauty products I saw this week.

While many of the serums and skin savers I learned about came from all over, many of them came from different parts of Africa. I already knew from makeup artist Carmindy that Rooibus tea is an ancient South African beauty secret, but I didn’t realize how many other healing properties can be found there.

Putting The Fun Back In Beauty

Marula oil from The Leakey Collection ($78, is quite possibly my favorite product that I will take away from this trip. It’s a light oil that absorbs into skin without leaving that icky greasy feeling. It’s also Omega-rich and has natural properties that relieve redness and inflammation. I’ve used it on my face the last couple of days, and not only has it not upset my acne-prone skin, but it really moisturizes.

Eye Slices is a company out of South Africa that targets the under eye area specifically. Their unique gel slices instantly cool when put on the skin to de-puff and moisturize the area around your eyes. What I love about the collection is that there are different formulas for different problems, so redness, dark under-eye circles and dryness can each be addressed with a different type of Eye Slice. But what is most impressive about this product is it’s created for multiple uses. While most facial masks and eye gels have to be thrown away after one use, Eye Slices ($25, can go back into their container about 10 times, so you really get your money’s worth.

megans products Spotted: An African Beauty Treasure Trove

Another African brand that prides itself on being all-natural is Shea Terra. I was able to test out their Argan & Green Coffee Around-Eye Serum ($38,, which helps smooth the eye area and take away discoloration. Their Argan and Rose Serum of Youth ($32, can be used on the face for anti-aging and scar reduction. And finally, their Moroccan Argan Oil ($42, puts moisture back into hair and skin. Keep your eye on the site as the holiday season nears, since all three of these products will be sold together in a limited-edition box set.

Natural Is Beautiful

What are your beauty secrets from around the world?

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