Spa Without The Splurge

Rachel Hayes
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Imagine this: You slip into warm sheets on a heated massage table, get exfoliated head to toe with a skin softening olive oil scrub, then get folded into an aromatic body wrap and doze off for twenty minutes. After be gently awakened by the kindest therapist, you slide off the table into a warm shower just steps away, only to crawl back into clean sheets for a 50-minute Swedish massage. After two hours of totally posh pampering, you basically have to be scraped off the table and carried back to the locker room.

That’s what to expect if you sign up for the Stress Melter Body Treatment at NYC’s Elizabeth Arden Red Door. It’s one of the most decadent spa treatments I’ve had recently and remindful of just how much of a mental vacation and physical rejuvenation a spa splurge can be. So why don’t we do this all the time? Because it’s expensive! The Stress Melter is $250, which is enough to bring the stress back if you are on a tight budget.

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But now thanks to the spa junkies at Spa Week, you can book that same $250 treatment for just $50 from now until April 22nd. It’s a bargain you can’t beat, and with great deals like this, it’s no surprise that Spa Week continues to gain popularity every season. In fact, this time around over 800 spas nationwide are participating and offering some of their best and most expensive spa treatments for just $50. So if you’ve been dying for a little spa splurge of your own, now’s your moment to indulge without feeling guilty about the expense.

One last thing for all you spa junkies. Watch this Wellness Gone Wild Video created by the fearless Spa Week Editor, Michelle Joni Lapidos, for some inspiration on which kinds of treatments–from classics like massages and facials to more adventurous fur bikinis and colonics–you want to sign up for.

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