The $6 Beauty Product Sofia Richie Swears By for Perfect Skin

The $6 Beauty Product Sofia Richie Swears By for Perfect Skin
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Sofia Richie is a lot of things: model, 18-year-old, ex-girlfriend of Justin Bieber, half-sister of Nicole Richie, daughter of Lionel Richie. Not yet famous enough to have her own Wikipedia page (weird), but famous enough that people know who she is. And knowing who Sofia Richie is comes with knowing that she has really, really, ridiculously glowy skin.

Part of that is thanks to, you know, the fact that she’s 18 years old. But part of it is also thanks to a health and beauty product that you can buy at pretty much any drugstore or supermarket: coconut oil. “I sleep in coconut oil,” Sofia told E! News. “I just soak in it … in my hair, on my face, on my skin, all over—it’s kind of my thing.”

Photo: Wenn

Photo: Wenn

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Duly noted. Underboob is Kendall Jenner’s thing; coconut oil is Sofia Richie’s. She learned it from her father: “Growing up, my dad used to do it,” Sofia said. “He still does. So as a kid I would just cover myself in coconut oil, because I used to go like this to my dad [she rubbed her arm] all the time, and I would tell him how soft he was. I wanted to be soft … that’s a weird way to describe myself.”

Perhaps. But with skin like that, she can describe herself any way she pleases.

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