So You Wanna Be a Blonde?


I have to admit it, there is just something about a blonde. She can be anything she wants. She can be super chic or super sexy, the girl next door or the go-go at the club, the suburban mom or the high power executive. I’m not the one to say whether or not blondes really do have more fun, but I will safely say I have never met a girl who didn’t have fun when she tried out being blonde! In addition to that, I am a believer that any girl can be a blonde – the trick is making sure it’s the right blonde.

Before After brunette to blonde

A dramatic transformation – any girl can be a blonde, the trick is making sure it’s the right blonde

Not too long ago, Ted was teaching a haircutting class to a whole group of Japanese students and I had the rare opportunity to take a lovely volunteer’s hair color from brown to blond. She was a model we found on Craigslist and she was open to anything. Because it was a demonstration for hairdressers we wanted the change to be dramatic – and the idea of taking this virgin hair to bleach blond was making me go crazy with inspiration!!!

brunette to blonde the final result

The final result

The process took about seven hours. I used Blondor (Wella’s version of bleach) to lift the hair in several stages. It was one of the most tedious hair make-overs ever. I wanted to take my time lightening the hair to keep its integrity intact – in my opinion it’s better to let the hair lift slowly than to blast the heck out of it quickly. When it was finished….it was devastating. We all loved it (loved it might be an understatement) and I thought we were finished, but she decided she wanted even more change and asked Ted to cut it all off!!! We loved it – what do you think? LMK

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