So Long, Soda?

Shannon Farrell
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As much as I know soda isn’t good for me, I can’t help but crave it. I love that sweet sting that occurs during the first sip and the tiny bubbles that come from the carbonation. I’ve always said I won’t give it up until they legally ban it. Turns out, that might be closer than I thought.

Declare You’re Single Without Saying A Word

New York City will soon launch a ban against the sale of large sodas and other sugary drinks at restaurants, movie theaters and food carts, according to The New York Times. In an attempt to curb obesity, sugar-filled beverages that are over 16 oz. will no longer be allowed. Diet soda lovers, your drinks are safe! Only drinks with more than 25 calories are subjected to this size requirement.

Dr. Thomas Farley, the health commissioner of NYC, backs this controversial ban, since he sees sweetened drinks as a cause for the increase in city obesity rates over the past 30 years. Not everyone is so thrilled with this new law, however, and sees it as an encroachment on rights by the government.

This new ban is far less drastic than putting a stop to all sodas, but it’s a start. With enough support, NYC may choose to go further with these types of regulations.

What do you think of this new ban? Is Mayor Bloomberg going too far, or do you think the right action is being taken against obesity and subsequent health problems?

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