Snooki Wants You To Wear Pickles On Your Feet

Lauren LeVine
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The Jersey Shore cast has already wrapped up season four in Florence and is on their way back to the U.S. (negotiations to leave them there permanently were unsuccessful). Ever the entrepreneurial businesswoman, Snooki has already jumped back into what she does best besides drinking and hunting for juiceheads at the shore: Putting her name on products that relate to her lifestyle.

No, she hasn’t released a Snooki Bumpit (yet). In addition to writing another novel—her last one was a New York Times Best Seller (cue weeping), Snooki has announced that she will be expanding her footwear line. Her company, Snooki Enterprises, has already put out a line of slippers based on the pint-sized reality starlet’s footwear of choice when lounging around the Jersey Shore house. The slippers retail for $30.

Next up for Snooki’s footwear emporium? Flip flops and sandals, her other favorite footwear for the beach. But not just any old flip flops. Snooki flip flops will be decorated with the reality darling’s favorite things, which means that one style will be pink and green with pickles, the guidette’s first or second favorite thing to suck on. The shoes will also feature Snooki’s signature, with a heart dotting the “i.” Snooki’s flip flops will be available for the holidays and again in the spring and will cost between $15 and $20. They’ll look great with a neon green bikini at the Jersey Shore next summer.

Would you wear Snooki’s flip flops?

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