How to Get Smooth Hair Without Over-Styling

Natasha Burton
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Photo: Getty Images

One of the main issues many of us have with our hair is that the more we do to make it look awesome, the more we tend to damage it. To find out how to give our locks a break, without sacrificing style, we interviewed Chaz Dean, founder of WEN Hair and Body Care, about his step-by-step procedure for getting a smooth, salon-quality blowout—yes, right at home!—without wreaking havoc on your strands.

1. Use a cleansing conditioner.
Shampoo lathers and strips your hair, causing your locks to frizz and poof. Dean suggests using a cleansing conditioner, like the one by WEN, instead: Use the appropriate amount of pumps per cleanse and then use a small amount of the cleanser as a leave-in.

2. Don’t towel dry.
Towel drying can actually make your hair frizz up, believe it or not. If you need to remove excess water, use a cotton t-shirt or even paper towels instead of your bath towel.

3. Apply a frizz fighter.
Use one to two pumps of your go-to styling cream to wet hair.

4. Blow dry effectively.
Now you are ready to dry and style your hair: You only need a blow dryer and a round brush. The key is to always use your nozzle attachment to prevent your hair from being singed and damaged. Do not use the blow dryer on high heat, and always keep the dryer moving. The secret to knowing what will damage your hair is if it burns your skin it is burning your hair: If you keep the blow dryer in one spot on your skin, it would burn you, but if you keep it moving on a low to medium heat, it will not burn your skin.

5. Finish with a glossing serum.
When your hair is completely finished, apply a couple pumps of a smoothing serum, like WEN Smoothing Glossing Serum ($28, and WEN Finishing Treatment ($22, Rub your hands together and mix the two products. Apply mid-shaft to ends by twisting and pushing it into your hair. Your finished look will be shiny, silky, and fly-away free.

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