Wrinkles Are Even More Daunting Than We Thought

Rachel Adler

Apparently wrinkles don’t just mean that we’re getting old or spent too many hours out in the sun damaging our skin, they may also mean that we have weaker bones as well. According to MSNBC via Jezebel, researchers at Yale School of Medicine conducted a study with 114 women in their late 40s and early 50s who were in early menopause (another scary topic) and had never had cosmetic surgery.

MSNBC reported the following:
The researchers gave each woman a score for her face and neck wrinkles based on the number of sites with wrinkles and on the depth of the wrinkles. They also measured the firmness of the skin on the women’s foreheads and cheeks with a device called a durometer, and measured their bone densities with an X-ray analysis.

The researchers found that the worse the wrinkles, the lower the bone density. They factored in things such as age and percentage of body fat (which influence bone health), and still the results found that wrinkles indicated a lower bone density.

The doctors who conducted the study went on to say that they are continuing their research to see if the skin wrinkles could help to identify women that are at risk for bone fractures without putting them through expensive testing. But, if that is the case, would we want to be using all of these creams to make our wrinkles disappear? Or Botox for that matter?

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