Waxing Tips To Get Memorial Day Ready

Rachel Adler

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As you count down the days until Memorial Day weekend, there are a few key things to check off of your lists before you head out on your weekend getaway. Whether you’re simply heading to your family’s backyard pool or hopping on a plane to Florida, having a base of a faux tan and a clean bikini line is a must.

I talked with one of Bliss Spa’s Esthetician’s Marlena Ramoy to get some of our basic questions answered about waxing how to make it less painful, how often we have to drag ourselves to the spa and how to get rid of those pesky ingrowns. Read on!

Before going in for a wax, are there any measures that we can take to reduce the pain?
Some people like to take an anti-histamine before waxing to prevent bumps or irritation. Also, some waxers swear by a pre-treatment Advil or two. If youre really afraid of even the slightest pain, and you can get your doctor to prescribe you EMLA (which, after 20 minutes, totally numbs the surface of the skin), you can use it pre-treatment to really nix any possibility of pain.

If were prone to ingrown hairs, how can we try to prevent these in the future?
The primary cause of ingrown hairs is hair being trapped beneath the skins surface. The best remedy is exfoliating, which rids the skin of dead cells and allows the hair to break through the surface. (Bliss pick: Hot Salt Scrub)

Bliss Ingrown Eliminating Pads are phenomenal at keeping ingrowns at bay. They contain salycilic and glycolic acid to exfoliate and green tea extract and oat extract to soothe skin and calm irritation and redness.

Once you start a steady waxing regimen, were often told that shaving can throw the whole thing off. What should we do if were in jam as in, were leaving for a vacation, and arent quite ready for a wax yet but could use a little touch up?
Shaving is like mowing your lawn – it cuts the grass and gives it more oxygen so it grows back faster and stronger. Shaving cuts the hair and gives it more oxygen to grow back faster and stronger. When you wax you pull the hair out by the root which makes it grow back slower and finer.

Once you’ve waxed, you should have at least three weeks of full-on fuzz freedom before even a follicle peeks through, but if you have to remove body hair on the stubble we’d recommend Bliss’ Poetic Waxing Strips. Formulated with moisturizing aloe vera and soothing azulene, the no-heat-necessary Hypoallergenic and paraben-free formula is the most spa-tacular way to get hair-free with the bare minimum of effort.

How frequently should we be setting up our waxing appointments?
Whenever youre feeling shall we say totally bushed? But usually every 3-4 weeks, depending on how obsessed you are about someone seeing stubble. Waxing lasts for almost a month, and is relatively inexpensive in comparison to other methods of hair removal. You can do it anytime, pretty much anywhere, on almost any hair.

What steps should we take after our appointment for the prettiest possible bikini line?
Soothe freshly waxed skin by applying an azulene oil. This will alleviate minor irritation and remove any residue. Depending on the area, apply a sunscreen with SPF 30 or higher, as freshly waxed skin is very sensitive to sunlight. Maintain your fresh fuzz with Bliss Ingrown Eliminating Pads with alpha and beta hydroxy acids to tackle hair-raising bumps and lumps, antioxidant green tea and soothing and smoothing oat extract.

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