To Pluck or Not to Pluck: That is the Question

Julia DiNardo

Do you ever worry that you tend to your eyebrows either too much or not enough? Does it seems that hairs pop up at random and you’re always ready, with tweezers in your bag, to attack them? You’re not alone, and you may just be in need of giving your brows a little discipline to whip them into shape (pun intended). I wanted to share my favorite brow maintenance products, as well as some useful advice from Natalie Gee, the Gee Beauty Brow Guru, on how to make grooming your brows less of a chore and more of a cyclical routine.

Here’s Natalie’s tips, and my favorite products to match!

Tip #1: “The biggest tip for maintaining brow shape is to have a routine. Pre-book your next brow appointment, when you’ve finished your last so that your brows always look groomed. Its such a short appointment and we often underestimate how important a well groomed eyebrow can be on the face.”

If you like to maintain your eyebrows on your own, choose a quality tool that won’t let you down, like the Tweezerman Slant Tweezer. The brand also offers a free sharpening, so you won’t find yourself cursing when the tips get dull!

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Tip #2: “Make your appointments monthly, as our brow hair usually grows on a 4 week cycle. If that seems too quick, don’t leave it any longer than 8 weeks. Believe it, when even the fewest hairs are cleaned up, the brows can look unbelievably better!”

Speaking of fewer hairs…when you know that you’ve got an expert eye and steady hand at tweezing, go in for the precision Tweezerman Point Tweezer, great for ingrown hairs or just grabbing an exact one or two.

Tip #3: “I don’t suggest trimming the brows on your own, as the angle in which you hold your scissors will never be quite right. Have your brow person trim, and if you go regularly, your brows will always look neat.”

Again, if you want to try it at home, and think you can, the most foolproof device for trimming I could find is the Chella Scissors, which have rubber stoppers on the tips so you can move them along your forehead and avoid an unfortunate incident of cutting or scraping yourself (yikes-ouch!)

Tip #4: “Tweeze the strays daily or weekly depending on how much growth you have. Make sure you have a lot of natural light, and tweeze strays only. Try not to go too close to the brows, as you don’t want to re-shape and try not to tweeze in the middle of the brows unless you see darker hairs.”

So let’s say you had an accident and took out too much, leaving a bare patch, and are generally anxious now for your brows to grow again and undo the weird shaping you just gave them. Fill in brows with ybf your best friend automatic eye brow pencil in universal taupe, which changes its color to a darker hue the harder you press it, making it great for all hair shades. You can also achieve a unified look with the benefit Speed Brow Quick Set Brow Gel, tinted brown liquid that dries quickly and keeps brows assertively in place. Last, we love two-fors, and the MyChelle Dermaceuticals Ultimate Lash and Brow Serum contains peptides and botanical conditioning ingredients to improve upon the trifecta of length, color, and volume of both your upper lashes and your eyebrows.

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