Model Is Suing Over NOT Being Photoshopped In Ad

Rachel Adler

Model Caroline Louise Forsling, a top Swedish model, is suing Estee Lauder over claims that she was made to appear to look older in an advertisment for their anti-aging skincare.

Forsling is suing the cosmetics brand for $2 million according to Daily Mail, claiming that it used her image without permission in the ad for Plantscription serum by Origins (which is owned by Estee Lauder). The 35-year-old model is claiming that her career is ‘irreparably’ damaged by the ad, which reads that the product was tested on women between the ages of 45-60.

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According to Forsling, the photograph was taken as a test shot during a shoot for an ad for a different Estee Lauder-owned company. The shot shows her without makeup, and her hair pulled completely back from her face. The ad then shows a “before” and “after” side of Forsling’s face, with the “after” side showing a flawless complexion, and arrows pointing out the reduced wrinkles and smoothed skin.

The court papers claim that ‘Before stylists did Forsling’s hair and makeup for the photo shoot, the photographer took a photograph of Forsling’s face as a test shot.’ They added that her ‘hair was pulled away from her face and she was wearing little or no makeup and that Ms. Forsling ‘believed the test shot would not be used.’ Forsling also added that she has never used the Plantscription serum. The test shot was clearly altered on the “after” side to show the supposed effects of the product.

We definitely see the wrong in using a test shot without permission, especially if Forsling was not told that was the shot which would be used. But, do you agree with this model’s attitude? Do you think she should be relying on Photoshop so much when going into a shoot?

And regarding what Estee Lauder did, I personally would rather see a real “before” and “after” photo, not one that was simply doctored. What do you guys think?

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