Make Your Skin Glow Like Oprah’s

Rachel Adler

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Most people in this world would probably listen to the advice of Oprah Winfrey. Well, if she gave you personal advice, that is we hope you’re not taking every single thing she says on her show to heart.

Winfrey’s dermatologist, Harold Lancer, did just that. The derm never had plans in expanding his product line and selling to consumers, but after prodding by Oprah (Oprah prods, folks), Lancer has decided to go forth with it. Nordstrom will be exclusively selling the six product line Polish ($50), Cleanse ($50), Nourish ($100), Vitamin C 10% Cream ($50), Glycolic 10% Facial Cream ($50) and Vitamin C Antioxidant SPF 30 ($34).

The products should be available within three months, and if they can make Oprah’s skin glow, we’re pretty excited to see what they could do for the rest of us. (WWD)

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