Julianne Hough Lets Us In On Her Skin Secrets

Rachel Adler

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Julianne Hough, two time Dancing With The Stars winner and the lucky lady on Ryan Seacrest’s arm, has been busy doing press for her recently released Got Milk? ad – but we caught up with her to chat about things that we really care about – skin and makeup. The gorgeous starlet is the new face of Proactiv and joined Beauty High and a few other editors in a suite in The London Hotel in NYC (with her adorable puppy!) to let us in on the secrets to her glowing complexion and her best beauty tricks.

Drink Lots Of Water
I’m constantly on planes and in different climates, so I mean, Proactiv has a tiny little travel kit too so I always have that. That’s always with me in general and then I always just try to drink tons and tons of water. I also try to exercise, I feel like when you exercise you kind of keep your blood flowing and nothing gets clogged and stuff.

Treat All Of Your Skin Right
I get massages and always use moisturizers. And, I try not to go into the sun – and trust me – I love a good tan but I try not to go as much and always, always wear sunscreen. I was super dark and super tan because that’s what it’s like in Utah, it’s like the Mormon version of Jersey Shore. I’m serious! Everybody goes tanning and they’ve got the makeup and the tease in their hair and it’s great!

False Lashes And Contouring Can Change Your World
I’m an eyelash freak, I love ’em. My eyelashes are pretty blonde and they’re not very thick. I love the eyelashes and the way that Troy (Surratt) does them. He’ll do like a strip, and add individuals, or just do individuals. And contouring was a big thing. I just thought oh slap on some eye shadow, some eyelashes and you’re good to go. But with the contouring on your cheeks, your nose you get to see more of your face and your features and I love that!

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