How Olympians Protect Their Skin From Cold Weather

Amanda Elser

When it comes to keeping your skin safe in the winter months we like to think that we are experts, but the truth of the matter is no one knows how to fight the cold weather better than a couple of winter athletes. So with this weekend’s winter weather advisory looming, we decided to catchup with OlympiansStacey Cook andAshley Caldwell at thePaul Mitchell salon in NYCto get their winter weather tips and tricks.

The number one rule of winter weather: sunscreen. Just because the sun isn’t warm doesn’t mean it can’t cause some serious damage. Caldwell says she always has a stick of sunscreen in her bag for easy application and convenience.

“You can just throw it in your backpack and rub it on really quick,” Caldwell said. “You’re not worried that you’ve got a white splash of sunscreen all over your face. We’re always outside in the cold, so we need protection from sunburn, windburn, the reflection from the snow. It helps for sure.”

Cook agrees that sun protection is the most important part of her beauty regimen. “For sunscreen, I live at 9,000 feet, so sunscreen is super important. I usually try to go for an oil-free kind, something that feels more like a lotion than a sunscreen, because I have a pet peeve about having something oily on my face,” she explains.

So if you don’t want to take our word for it, take it from the professionals. Lather up and protect your skin from harmful rays!

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