Food For Thought: 9 Best Foods For Your Skin

Food For Thought: 9 Best Foods For Your Skin
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I’ll just be blunt about it here: one of my favorite pastimes is eating. I’ve grown up in a family that revolves around food and spends the majority of their time talking about food and planning out their next meals. When we’re at lunch, we’re figuring out what we’re eating for dinner. And when we’re at dinner, we’re talking about how full we are and what’s for dessert.

Therefore, I figure I may as well start eating foods that are good for my skin to be even more productive. Take a look at the foods you should be stocking up on during your next trip to the grocery store to improve the appearance of your skin.

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Blueberries are extremely high in antioxidants, which helps to keep your skin looking healthy. The majority of berries have high amount of antioxidants, adding even more to the reason of why they’re the perfect summer snack!

This dark chocolate is also high in antioxidants, fighting off free radicals that can cause wrinkles, skin damage, elasticity loss….and sugar cravings.

Avocado has tons of B-complex vitamins and essential oils to work as an anti-inflammatory agent and soothe red, blotchy skin. I suppose this is the perfect excuse to finish off that bowl of guacamole…

Healthy oils, like extra virgin olive oil, keep our skin looking healthy and lubricated due to the essential fatty acids in them. Just remember: don’t go overboard since oils are high in calories, but a little EVOO never hurt anyone.

This cottage cheese may seem a little out of place; however, it’s so high in selenium that it keeps your skin looking healthy and younger. The high amounts of calcium and Vitamin D don’t hurt either!

Low-fat yogurts are chock full of Vitamin A, which is great for maintaining healthy skin cells…and even great for those with diabetes and thyroid problems.

Filled with essential fatty acids, salmon keeps our skin moisturized by improving the health of our cell membranes. The healthier the membrane, the better it can hold in moisture meaning more youthful looking skin for us. For those of you that don’t like fish, all hope is not lost -- you can always consume some walnuts or flax seed as your substitute.

Even on top of it’s abilities to raise one’s metabolism, green tea is filled with polyphenols, which have anti-inflammatory abilities. It also contains antioxidants to fight off bacteria and protecting our skin from environmental radicals that cause us to age quicker. After all that, who doesn’t want tea?

I know, I know. This one’s a given. Still, most people don’t drink as much water as they should throughout the day to properly hydrate their skin, keeping it moist and glowing. On top of this, the more hydrated we are, the easier it is for us to sweat, which helps keep our skin clear and clean. So drink up!

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