Bad Skin Habits To Permanently Leave In The Past


As we grow up, we tend to think we’ve become more informed on how to properly take care of our skin. Unfortunately, though we may be more informed, we probably aren’t taking the advice we’ve been given. Instead, we’re divulging in some activities that aren’t so great for our skin-and oftentimes not great for our bodies in general. So let’s take a little trip down memory lane (and maybe even a glance into your future) to see where you’ve gone wrong.

Age 0-15: Not washing your face: When we were younger, most of us were too concerned about our newest crush of the week to focus on the fact that we were leaving our faces unwashed night after night. However, when you’re letting your face just sit in oil and dirt from the past few days, let’s just say acne breakouts are going to be inevitable. Luckily, this is a stage most of us grow out of. At least, I hope so.

Age 15-17: Wearing too much makeup: Ah, the days when the more makeup you wore, the cooler you were. Well, cool kids: that massive amount of product on your face is clogging your pores and irritating your skin. Guess that means you’ll have to wear even more makeup to cover the pimples and redness. What a vicious cycle it is….

Age 18: Tanning beds: As if this one hasn’t been harped on enough by skin specialists and your mother, tanning beds=bad news. Nonetheless, they never seemed to be able to get through to us, leaving us lying in those dingy beds and walking away smelling of burnt skin. Pleasant, I know. Unfortunately, the concentrated UVA could have caused a lot of damage to our skin. But with all the sun-free options to get bronzed skin now, this is one part of our life we won’t have to return to.

Age 19: Smoking: Hopefully this is one bad habit that swiftly ended for you. Along with the numerous other downsides that come along with smoking, such as lung cancer, so do blotchy skin spots and unsightly wrinkles. Smoking also yellows your teeth and nails, adding even more to the reason of why this habit should be left way far in the past.

Age 20: Eating junk food: Hey…I’m not judging here. You’re probably not human (or at least not a fun one) if you haven’t indulged in greasy pizza and some fries. But even humans make mistakes (delicious mistakes at that). Unfortunately, all these junk food binges of processed carbs are ultimately causing our blood sugar to rise, leading to a rise in insulin. This would all be fine and dandy if insulin didn’t stimulate oil-producing hormones, leading to unsightly pimples. So, let’s just make this bad habit a once-a-week thing sort of thing…..

Age 21-28: Drinking: Yes, I understand that being 21 means you’re able to drink. However, it does not mean you’re supposed to drink in mass quantities, leaving yourself lying awake at night with the spins. Too much alcohol in a day increases inflammatory agents, which can cause our skin to sag much quicker than we’d want. Drink in moderation, people! That is unless you want droopy skin and a weekly AA meeting.

Age 29+: Staying up late/having kids: Since these two really do go hand-in-hand, I figured I’d just lump them together. Yes, that little bundle of joy is bringing so much happiness into your life. But, he/she is also bringing a lack of sleep leading to dull, sallow skin. Sleep is the time when our body repairs all the damage done to it throughout the day. So, when we deprive ourselves of sleep, we are slowing down our cell turnover and causing ourselves to be stressed out. There’s not much you can do about this one but hope you have a quiet baby, or some great skin illuminator on hand.

Yes, you’ve been on a long journey filled with harmful skin habits. Now I know that there’s not much you can do now, since the past is in our past. However, make sure to keep it there in order to keep these bad habits in check and your skin looking beautiful.

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