Skin Care Commandments: The Do’s & Dont’s to Glowing Skin

Molly Carroll

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When it comes to our skin, we all want that radiant complexion that makes it seem as though we are naturally glowing from within. So, to strive for that complexion we buy product after product, hoping and praying that this time, it will work. Needless to say, the product just doesn’t always do what we dream it will.

To help you on your journey to fresh, radiant skin, we discovered that it is not about the products you are putting on your face, but mainly about what you are putting into your body. Read on for our do’s and don’ts to achieve the luminous skin we’ve all been longing for.

Do drink water: Drinking plenty of water will help flush the toxins out of your body and keep your skin soft and hydrated.

Don’t smoke: We all know smoking is bad for you but along with the plethora of health issues you will receive from smoking, it also restricts the blood flow to and from the skin and causes premature aging.

Do get your daily dose of Vitamin E: Vitamin E has endless health benefits and can be found in foods like almonds, avocado and fish. Vitamin E enhances your body’s healing and tissue repair process, slows down cellular aging, and prevents the formation of wrinkles.

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Don’t drink too much alcohol: Alcohol increases the water loss from the body, resulting in dull, dehydrated skin.

Do exfoliate: Exfoliating at least once a week will help remove the layer of dead skin cells on the surface of your skin, revealing soft, glowing skin underneath.

Don’t forget to remove your makeup before bed: Sleeping in your makeup will not only clog your pores, but also prematurely age your skin.

Do exercise: Exercising improves your body’s circulation and brings oxygen and nutrients to the skin. This results in a younger, firmer looking complexion!

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Don’t drink caffeine: Caffeine increases the elimination of vitamins and minerals from the body. So try and keep your caffeine intake to two cups a day.

Do wear sunscreen everyday: Using a high factor SPF will keep your skin looking young and help prevent sun spots for a clear, even complexion.

Don’t lose sleep: Not getting enough sleep is never good, but when it makes your skin look dull, tired and puffy…it’s horrible! So make sure you get those necessary 8 hours ladies for bright, fresh skin.

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