Why You Shouldn’t Wear the Same Beauty Look as Your Best Friend

Augusta Falletta

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There’s nothing more annoying than sharing your signature beauty look. It’s one thing when you and your worst frenemy have the same look. You can quietly scoff and talk to your real friends about how much better it looks on you. It’s another situation entirely when your best friend decides to swoop in on your favorite look, because let’s be honest, that’s an awkward confrontation to have.

Whether you’re the friend who is constantly copied or the friend who copies, wearing the same beauty look as your best friend is never a good idea. See why below.

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Everyone will compare you: Like it or not, people love to talk about who wore it better (which is why Kelly Osbourne has a job on “Fashion Police”). What comes from this, unfortunately, is that a majority opinion will be formed on who looks better wearing the red lipstick or the cat eye. If you’re the one with the most votes, you’ll get an ego boost, then feel bad that you made your friend look lesser than you. If you’re the one who decidedly did not wear it better, you’ll feel self conscious and your confidence will drop.

Jealousy: After it’s decided who looks better, jealousy will rear its ugly head. Fights will break out, bad feelings will be harbored and eventually, you and your friend will have an 800 pound elephant in the room every time you hang out. Regardless of which side of the jealousy you land on, it can tear a friendship apart.

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You’ll have the same identity: When you have a signature beauty look, people tend to identify you by that look. If you’re the girl who always wears a top knot, you’re the girl who always wears a top knot. If you and your best friend wear the exact same hairstyle all the time, you’ll be lumped into the same identity as the girls who wear top knots, which can cause you to lose a bit of your individuality. Things get even messier when one of you decides to change the look to a milkmaid braid or beach waves, because you’ll probably end up hearing, “Why aren’t you guys wearing top knots anymore? Are you still friends? I barely recognize you.”

If you’re sharing products, you’re sharing bacteria: Yes, makeup can be expensive, but if you and your friend are sharing the makeup that you’re wearing, you’ll also be putting yourself at risk for picking up any bacteria she’s got. Pink eye? Cold sores? Irritated skin? Consider them yours when you share products. Invest in your own makeup bag instead and you’ll be much happier.

It’s annoying: If you must wear the same beauty look, do it on a different day than your best friend. No one likes the friend who sees how great RiRi Woo looks on a friend, then immediately puts it on herself when they’re going out together over the weekend. The friend who originally wore the lipstick will get annoyed, and will probably be annoyed for a good portion of the night.

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