Should you make a big hair color change for your wedding?


Maybe because it’s the season of new beginnings, maybe it’s because we are welcoming the light or maybe it’s because it’s a time of rebirth. Whatever the reason, wedding season is upon us in full force! Once we spring ahead with the clocks it seems there are weddings non- stop until the 4th of July – and I love it!

I get questions all of the time from brides-to- be about what they should do with their hair color. There are a few things to think about before the big day arrives and of course I am happy to share them with you 😉

First off, are you planning on making a big change? If you said yes – reconsider! Hahaha! Ok not necessarily, but give yourself some options. Clearly, a wedding can take a perfectly sane, lovely, delightful woman and turn her into another being – a dramatic color change right before the wedding could be the shove that pushes her over the edge. If you want to make a change in color before the wedding, I recommend making that change 8-10 weeks before the wedding. That way you have at least one, maybe two, more visits to the colorist to tweak the color before the big day – or to color it back if you less than love it.

If you are just maintaining the color you are currently wearing, you can pop in to the salon 3 days to a week before the wedding. If you get your color done more than a week before the wedding you may be able to see a more exaggerated new growth (roots) in your photos. Even if you’re maintaining your color, think about adding some bolder highlights than usual – they will look great in the photos!

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