Kiehl’s Invents A Magical Eraser For Your Face


Ever fantasize about the possibility of a giant magical eraser? An invention that could, with one easy swipe, remove all traces of past mistakes, like say, that unfortunate barbed wire tattoo, and otherwise see emotionally needy boyfriends numbers three through five. Well, Kiehls may not be able to accomplish those aforementioned feats (yet, at least), but their new Photo-Age Corrector High-Potency Spot Treatment does offer some pretty magical eraser possibilities for your face. And specifically for the damage incurred by your skin over the years from all that careless sun exposure. Used either as a targeted spot treatment on one area, or, if youve done a lot of damage, all over the face, the powerful product claims to diminish the color and size of pigmentation after four weeks, and the total number of them over a two-month period.

The key to Kiehls magic is star ingredient, ellagic acid, a potent antioxidant that helps to block melanin production. With summer over, there seems like no better time for a little correction. Kiehl’s Photo-Age Corrector, $49, at

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