Holiday Shopping: Tackling The Beauty Counters


The holiday season is upon us, and if youre thinking of buying beauty gifts for the loved ones in your life, heading into a beauty store or beauty department this time of year can lead to a few things:

1. You end up buying beautiful limited edition beauty collections for yourself.

2. You get overwhelmed by holiday fragrance sets and fall back on your same standard scents.

3. You get seduced by great deals but after wrapping them up you realize they may not have been the best choices for your recipient!

4. And of course, theres the Ive blown my budget issue.

Heres how to get the most out of your beauty shopping trip this holiday season and not end up in any of the above scenarios!

Step 1:
Make a list of all the people youre buying for beforehand! Use Remember the Milk and Evernote for iPhone/web for a great way to keep track.

Step 2:
Create an estimated budget by checking online and getting ideas for gifts that your recipients will love. You can also add screen shots to your Evernote or just print out for reference.

Step 3:
Now youre heading to the store. The most important thing to do is immediately pull out your e-list or paper list and start area by area to see if the items are available. Stick to your list! Do NOT deviate from it yet.

Step 4:
Assuming youre able to find most of your items, now you can double back around the store leisurely and see if there are any gifts with purchase items, clearance items or smaller, travel-sized beauty items that can be used as extra last minute gifts and stocking stuffers. Great choices are bath bombs, lip glosses, fragrance roller balls, cosmetic clutches, fun nail polishes, shower gels and hand creams.

Dont forget to also seek out smaller, niche and up-and-coming beauty lines at stores like Urban Outfitters, Anthropologie and even Payless! (they have a new cosmetic/bath & body line).


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