Beauty Products: The Best From The Boot

Beauty Products: The Best From The Boot
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The vast majority of my family lives in Italy, so clearly Im a bit biased when it comes to evaluating pretty much anything that emerges from the so-called boot. But even if my name wasnt full of vowels, I would have still fallen for Davines. The Italian-born natural haircare brand has a lot of products that are kind of impossible to resist their Well Being De Stressed Yogurt and Muesli shampoo is one of the most delicious concoctions I have ever discovered.

Now, their recently launched Authentic collection (see for salon locations) has four new products vying for my affection. The ultimate multi-taskers, each one is designed to be used on both the hair and the body. And considering that the formulas are entirely free of parabens, sulfates, silicones and mineral oils, and packed instead with a plethora of naturally-derived ingredients, you will feel comfortable doing just that. My Authentic favorites are the Cleansing Nectar ($27), an antioxidant-rich, sweetly-scented shampoo for face and body, and the Replenishing Butter ($38) which can be used as a deep conditioner or super-hydrating moisturizer. And since we are talking about Italy, click through the slide show to check out ten more beauty products from there that we happen to love.

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