At-Home Beauty Buys – Get The Salon Experience For Less!

Rachel Adler
At-Home Beauty Buys – Get The Salon Experience For Less!
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As I get ready to spend all of my savings on a new fall wardrobe, I find myself pinching pennies elsewhere. I mean, I’ve got a lust-worthy list of wants calling my name, so this is the one time of year that beauty products are just going to have to take a backseat.

In preparation, trips to my usual spas and salons have come to a bit of a halt, and I’ve started to be a tad more hands-on. Above are the my favorite at-home beauty buys to make you into your very own hairstylist, dermatologist, and more!

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Get your bikini line in shape in no time with this at-home kit. Bliss Bikini Perfect Deluxe Spa Edition, $70,

Use this Vitamin C amped exfoliator for your at-home facial to shed your old summer skin. C. Booth Derma 24 Vitamin C Micro Delivery Facial Scrub, $13.99,

Instead of paying for a tray full of bleach at the dentist, buy this kit to whiten your teeth over time. Go Smile Go Discover Teeth Whitening Smile Kit, $58,

Saving you a handful of cash at the spa, this kit scrubs your skin in the privacy of your own home.
I-Skin Microdermabrasian System, $39.95,

If you're brave enough to attempt at-home waxing, you may as well buy a kit from one of the best in the biz. Anastasia Beverly Hills Mini Wax Kit, $12,

A combination of a peel and a scrub, this gets your skin back to its prime. KP Duty Dermatologist Body Scrub with Chemical Peel + Physical Medi Exfoliation, $44,

If you want to pull a Snooki and spray tan your face in your bedroom, invest in the AirGlow gun. Fusion Beauty GlowFusion AirGlow, $25,

Instead of paying up the wazoo for lasering treatments, attempt the process at home. Keep in mind, no pain, no gain! no!no! Professional Hair Removal Treatment, $168,

To save money in between salon visits, touch up roots with this handy pen or give yourself precise highlights. Oscar Blandi Pronto Colore Root Touch Up & Highlighting Pen, $16.50,

Rather than dishing out cash for a dye job, try to DIY (we don't blame you if you call in back ups for help)! L'Oreal Feria Multi-Faceted Shimmering Colour 3x Highlights, $9.99,

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