We Shop Fall/Winter Must-Have Products in Our Video Beauty Haul

Rachel Adler

A huge trend on YouTube over the last few years is watching beauty haul videos in which vloggers record their shopping “hauls” of drugstore purchases. We chose to dive into this trend and do a similar thing at Beauty High, heading over to our local CVS/pharmacy and scooping up some must-have products for the fall/winter season. From red cream shadows to jewel toned liners, these drugstore buys not only let you play around with runway trends for cheap, but some of them are just plain essentials.

Plus, if you’re a member of CVS/pharmacy’s Beauty Club, you’ll get a 10 percent off shopping pass when joining to spend on more and more beauty hauls – which we obviously advocate! Watch our video above to check out which products you need to add to your makeup bags right now, and let us know in the comments below what drugstore favorites you have!

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