Major Root Touch-Up At-Home


Is Julie Bowen being super stylish
or just hiding a base case of dark roots??

What should you do if your lifestyle is so out of control, you lost track of time and your root growth is so long you can’t leave the house without a scarf, hat or headband? I warned in Hot Headed how waiting too long between color jobs can result in hot roots when you are going lighter or red. To avoid this, apply two different colors (from the same manufacturer).

How? Easy – ok, not so easy, it’s actually pretty tricky (and I am quite sure there is not a manufacturer out there that would ever put this on their website or instruction list) but good information to have if you need it.

Let’s say you normally color your hair a light auburn. This time you are going to buy a box of dark reddish blonde and a box of light auburn (look at Clairol’s Perfect 10 shade chart to get an idea.) On your new growth closest to your scalp – inch – you are going to apply your usual light auburn. Next from inch away from your scalp to the line of demarcation (the previous color line) you will apply your dark reddish blond – it’s ok if they overlap a little bit. Set your timer, process, rinse and dry. TAH-DAH!

How does it work? The color is created with the assumption it is being applied to the inch of hair closest to the scalp, so it is counting on the heat of your scalp to help it give the desired result. When your roots grow out longer than a  inch, you need to take an additional step to compensate for the lack of heat on that area. By using a color that is one or two levels lighter you get a little more lightening power. Make sense?

LMK, OK? Jason

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