Sephora Makes Online Beauty Shopping Even Easier!

Shannon Farrell
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Sephora, the queen of beauty e-commerce, has some great changes up their sleeve. Turns out they have new ways to make online beauty shopping even easier.

Search By Skin Type
Instead of just searching for products by price and popularity, you can find products by your skin type.

Sneaky Ways To Save Money

Improved Quick View Feature
We will now be able to see a close up version of a product while in a search engine. The less time clicking on the wrong product, the better!

Check Online Purchases And In-Store Purchases Online
We know we’re not the only product junkies out there. This works for customers who purchase in large quantities. Who remembers every nail polish they’ve bought in the last few months?

Availability At Local Stores
Sometimes we just don’t want to purchase online. There’s something about trying a product on and knowing how it looks in person. On the website, you will be able to find out what products are available at your nearest store.

These changes will go into effect in April. Has Sephora answered all of your beauty online shopping needs?

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