Self-Tanner Causes Weight Gain?!

Shannon Farrell
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Photo: Getty Images

I’m never getting tan. Just when I thought I had found a safe alternative to the violent UV’s, new research comes out, claiming that self-tanning lotions contain a chemical called phthalates that can cause weight gain.

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Similar to puberty and menopause, the chemical causes your body to store fat around the stomach because it disrupts the hormone balance and slows down the body’s metabolism. The chemical enters the bloodstream through exposure to the skin.

And even scarier is the fact that from just small amounts of the chemical in the bloodstream, you can double your risk of developing diabetes.

Phthalates are also found in makeup, cleaning products and plastic containers. Any suggestions on getting a sun-kissed glow this summer? We’re kinda stumped. Here’s to hoping pale becomes trendy in the near future.

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