The Secrets Of A Broadway Red Lip From Head Artist Of ‘Anything Goes’

Rachel Adler

Learning the secrets of a Broadway show is an opportunity that you absolutely can’t pass up, so when I got the chance to chat with Anything Goes‘ makeup designer Angelina Avallone, I jumped at the opportunity. MAC Cosmetics brought a small group of beauty editors backstage before the show last week to collaborate with the launch of their Hey, Sailor! collection. If you didn’t know, the show Anything Goes is based mainly on a cruise ship in the 1930s, and tells the story of stowaway Billy Crocker’s chase for the love of heiress Hope Harcourt, with help from nightclub singer Reno Sweeney and “public enemy” Moonface Martin.

The makeup and costumes of the show are all very traditionally ’30s and nautically inspired, with red lips and pin-up curls galore. Angelina Avallone had all of the actors and actresses for the show use MAC Cosmetics to get their individual looks (she plans the looks and then teaches them how to do them on themselves, creating “bibles” for each person). Avallone noted that the red lip was one of the most crucial parts of the look for each character, as there was a lot of kissing throughout the show so no matter what the color was, it had to stay on. “We use every color of red that MAC has, from Ruby Woo to MAC Red to Russian Red.” But, it has to stay on, so they use the Pro Longwear Lip Liners from MAC. Avallone also added that the girls add a gloss that is used for their particular lipstick, so they will outline the lips to create the 1930s shape with the liner, then fill them in with a brush using the lipstick, create a nice delicate shape and add a bit of gloss in the center of the lips to finish it off.

Below catch a peek at the entire Hey, Sailor! collection (available through June) in which you can recreate the looks from the show and get that perfect, no-budge red lip we all desire.

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