Two New Ways to Save Money on Beauty

Megan Segura


Each year beauty brands from around the world come to the Cosmoprof trade show to show off their newest products. It’s a candy land for beauty junkies, full of every hair, makeup and skin care product imaginable. While most companies set out to replace your existing beauty routine, two new companies are helping customers hang on to their favorite brands.

Swoon ($12, is a new device that aims to help you scoop out every last drop of your favorite lip gloss. Most of us consider a lip gloss tube to be empty when we can no longer reach the gloss at the bottom. The problem is the wand is usually too short, leaving a few days or even weeks worth of product behind. The Swoon tool is long enough to reach out that last bit of gloss from any tube you have. Not only does it put off having to buy a new lip color, but it is a life saver when your favorite color is discontinued.

If you’re constantly swapping out your face cleanser for the next best thing, consider Nutrient Skincare instead. Like flavor packets for water, these little bottles of product can transform your current cleanser into a vitamin-packed facial treatment. The Seaweed Salicylic Boost treatment contains salicylic and lactic acid to help fight blemishes that might pop up. Or if you want to exfoliate your skin, add in the Nutrifoliant mixture, which uses microdermabrasion crystals to slough off dead skin. This method of customizing your current cleanser can save those whose skin reacts whenever you change out face products. (Editor’s note: Because this company is brand new, use the email address on the site to find out about pricing and where to buy).

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