Sanaa Lathan Straight-Up Shaved Her Head and Looks Amazing

Sanaa Lathan Straight-Up Shaved Her Head and Looks Amazing
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Sanaa Lathan is bold, bald, and beautiful. Two weeks after dying her hair golden-blonde, the 45-year-old actress straight-up shaved her head. And, after getting over the initial shock of losing Lathan’s blunt blonde lob, we have to say, she looks stunning.

Lathan, who joins Cara Delevingne, Kate Hudson, Kristen Stewart, and a slew of other celebrities who went bald this year, debuted her new ‘do in an Instagram video yesterday. In the clip, Lathan sits in a makeup chair with her head tilted off-camera, before peering into the shot to reveal her bald look. “I feel so light, I could fly away,” Lathan says, proudly rubbing her head.

#NappilyEverAfter 👶🏽

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Lathan’s major shear appears to be for her new Netflix movie, “Nappily Ever After,” in which she plays a woman whose life begins to unravel after a mishap at the hairdresser forces her to shave her head. From the looks of it, the bald isn’t the only new hairstyle Lathan is sporting for the film, either. A couple weeks before the buzz, Lathan dyed her jet-black hair golden-blonde. “Do blondes really have more fun? Hmmm.. Let’s see. The first of MANY hair changes for #Violet, my character in#NappilyEverAfter,” she teased in an Instagram of her with a blunt blonde bob.

Deep in prep mode #Violet #NappilyEverAfter 🙋🏾

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More changes.. #NappilyEverAfter 💜

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Whether she’s bald, blonde, or sporting her natural afro, one thing’s for sure: Sanaa Lathan looks stunning in pretty much any look.


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