Ruffian Teams Up With MAC to Bring Us High Fashion Nails

Rachel Adler

Claude Morais and Brian Wolk, the talented designers behind Ruffian, have always had a close relationship with the beauty industry. Editors know that when they go backstage to their show during New York Fashion Week, they will find intricate nail designs (this is where the half moon nail was born) and a striking beauty look. Morais and Wolk are also responsible for creating the infamous Ruffian Red back in 2009, a cult limited-edition MAC lipstick that only a select few were able to get their hands on.

Now, the Ruffian boys have chosen to re-release Ruffian Red and make it available to everyone, as well as two other lipstick shades (Ruffian Naked and Ruffian Gold) and ready-to-wear manicure sets. In the video below the designers explain their inspiration behind the line, give you a preview of the products, and tell you why they wanted to “fuse beauty and accessories together in a modern way, or a new way.”

The MAC Ruffian line is available exclusively online starting today.

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