Ruffian Designers Talk New Nail Polish Launch, Spring 2014 Nail Art, and New Nail Sticker Tools

Rachel Adler

Ruffian Spring 2014 Nails

If you ask anyone in the beauty industry (or more specifically, a nail lover) what their favorite show is at fashion week, the majority will say Ruffian. The designers, Brian and Claude, have become known for their standout beauty looks and their spot-on nail trends. Ever since they made the crescent mani famous on the runway back in Fall 2010, the shape has now basically become known as the “Ruffian.”

The boys recently launched a nail polish collection of their own, letting fans vote on their favorite colors on Facebook, and releasing the six fan favorites on Birchbox for sale. Now, the designers have also launched a stencil set to help nail art junkies create the crescent moon manicure art home – no more messing with binder stickers to try to recreate the look, to have it simply stick to your base coat.

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“There were so many requests to get the manicure and everyone was doing them online with paper savers so we had to make them chic and Ruffian. So, all different sizes, you can pick the appropriate one and place it on your nail. It’s made with special glue so it won’t stick. Then, paint the nail, let it dry and remove the sticker, and then paint the rest of the nail. You can get creative. As you decide your crescent moon shape it can be big or small – this season we’re doing the extreme Ruffian manicure completely side to side, all the way to the edge,” said Brian.

The nail that he is referring to was created by Cheryl Natoli, who noted that they really went back to their roots for the look. They are referring to it as the “extreme Ruffian,” making the colors stand out by using the nude as a base and Hedgefund, Fox Hunt and Delirium on the edges, extending that color all along the very edge of the nail.

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The boys haven’t only been known for their nail polish of course – their famous red lips on the runway, which turned into a limited edition Ruffian Red lipstick with MAC, has become a cult favorite among beauty lovers. When asked if they would think about going into lipstick next, Brian laughed and said, “Give us a year.” But, he then added that they also are launching a new nail treatment with a Caviar extract to help nails grow as well as a base coat and a matte top coat.  Plus, being the designers that they are, they hated the look of dirty nail polish wipes, so they created black perfumed ones – so that even your nail wipes look chic.

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