Rory Is Back! Plus Other Stars We Wish Were, Too

Megan Segura
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Photo: Courtesy of AMC

Gilmore Girl fans everywhere screamed in unison when Alexis Bledel came on screen during last night’s episode of Mad Men. Our favorite Stars Hollow resident looked classy and chic in 60s attire (We are loving the hair!), despite the less-than-chaste character she played. Having Rory back in our lives made us so happy, we thought of four more actresses we’d like to see back on the small screen.

Mischa Barton
Aside from a stint on a failed CW show, Mischa has been mostly MIA since her OC days. We’re ready for the actress to stop playing around with fashion and get back to her acting roots.

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Portia de Rossi
God knows she doesn’t need the money now that she’s married to Ellen, but we still want to see Portia more on TV. Thankfully, she’s coming back with the rest of the Arrested Development cast for a special encore season.

Hillary Duff
Now probably isn’t the best time to bring this up, since she just had a baby, but we’re missing Hillary Duff. Besides occasional pictures of her in gossip magazines, we don’t see the Lizzie McGuire star at all anymore. Time to get back to work, Hill!

Danielle Fishel
The Boy Meets World actress had a great gig on the Style Network as The Dish host, but we’re ready to see her on a scripted show. Where’s the love for Topanga, people?

Which TV actresses are you ready to see again?

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