Your Simple Guide to Root Cover Ups

Leah Faye Cooper
Root Cover Ups

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When it comes to hair, there are few things more frustrating than off-color roots. Within weeks of leaving the salon basking in the joy that is getting a killer color, you’re standing in front of the mirror, grappling with the fact that your new growth is suddenly the star of your once-fantastic hair story. Of course, this could be prevented by upping the frequency of your salon visits, but who wants to do that to their budget? Plus, to avoid damage, you should let your hair grow at least a half an inch before processing it. Your solution may be the beauty miracle workers known as root cover ups. Available in sprays, powders, and even sharpie-like varieties, they discreetly cover grays and extend the life of your hair color. Sounds good, right? Keep reading to find the one that’s right for you.

Compact Powder
This is what you grab when you’re looking to wear a deep part and your roots are looking like a hot mess. Applied with a brush, compact powders such as Color Wow Root Cover Up ($35, adhere to your strands without drying them out. In addition to working wonders on parts, they’re great for touching up the roots around your temples.

Lose Powder
For extensive coverage, consider one of these. In addition to camouflaging roots, they create the illusion of thicker hair and can be used to hide bald spots. Jonathan Product Awake Color Root Touch Up ($19, has the added benefit of working like a dry shampoo.

Hair Markers
Products like the ColorMetrics TouchBack ($30, are ideal for quick touch ups. You essentially color pesky roots throughout the hair and use a special comb attachment when covering your hairline (this helps keeps the temporary dye off of your skin).

Arguably the most popular type of cover up on the market, most sprays are just as effective on a few grays as they are on larger sections of hair. Application can be tricky, though; accidentally spraying your bathroom wall is a reasonable fear. Our preferred method it to pull hair taut and hold the bottle about six inches away from hair. Both L’Oreal Paris Root Cover Up ($10, and EverPro Gray Away ($9, get the job done beautifully.

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