Rihanna Reveals What’s Next For Her Hair

Rachel Adler

We all loved Rihanna’s blonde hair when she first revealed it, but now that it’s getting a bit um, rooty, many people have started to have some doubts. But, the singer revealed to People that she’s actually loving and living in the blonde moment until she switches it back up to black. The black shade though? She finds it boring — what she really is loving right now is a great blue.

“Navy blue is my color right now. Not any blue, not the punk blue. I have yet to see the right one. It does not exist yet!,” Rihanna told People. As for her inspiration, she said that “Everyone’s rocking’ blue right now. It just works. I think it has something to do with Blue Ivy.”

She added that going to blonde was an easy change for her, and while her next step will be black, she’s just “having fun with it.” While we realize that she doesn’t want the Katy Perry blue that has attracted so much attention for that other pop star, Rihanna also explained that you just never know with hair color. “From blonde you can go to anything, so I might want to try something else before [black]. You know how that goes.”

We can’t wait to see what’s next — what would you like to see Rihanna test out?


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